Bill is a very kind and giving man. His knowledge and perception to the dynamics of people and the interactions of the law between them is unsurpassed. I know you, the reader of, want and need the best. Bill Glavin is in a league like no other. He did for me such a remarkable job that years later when he needed a favor, I did it while having Pneumonia and ordered to bed…

Scott Bachmann

Highly recommend William “Bill” Glavin for here all Family Law issues.

Cheryl Kelly

I have known Adam for many years. He helped me through a complex and sensitive time in my life. He has always shown sensitivity, competence and professionalism. He has integrity and was always available when needed. I will always be thankful for what Adam has done for me and my family. I recommend him and his work with no hesitation.

Riki Carignan

Controller at Burge Corporation
Thanks to Bill’s knowledge and advice my divorce went very smoothly and quickly.

He got right to the facts, knew his stuff and was always available for any questions.

I highly recommend him for your legal matters.

Lisa Guldner

Owner – Attorney at David Lee Rice, A Professional Law Corporation – Owner
Bill Glavin, is one of the finest family law attorneys in the State of California. Not only does he have an thorough command of family law, but he is a fantastic advocate for his clients and is an amazing trial lawyer if the case demands it. I would give Bill one of the highest recommendations should you need the services of a highly skilled and qualified family law attorney.

David worked with William “Bill” at Law Offices of William P. Glavin, APC

David Rice, JD, LL.M

Broadcasting The Grand Slams for BBC and ESPN
Bill was there and protected my family when I needed him. He gets to the core problems and works them out. Thanks Bill.

Jeff was William “Bill”‘s client

Jeff Tarango

Producer at Robert Stevens Productions
Bill Glavin was referred to me from a friend and saved my life. I went through an extremely difficult divorce, but with Bill’s strategy, integrity and knowledge we had an outstanding result. He is not only an attorney, but a teacher and guide. I still reach out to Bill even today for advise, as long as he is on my team I am confident about my future.

Maureen was William “Bill”‘s client

Maureen Davis

I have known Adam since Law School, and even then he stood out as a smart and ethical student. Over the years I have referred numerous clients to him, some with very complicated issues. Each client was grateful for my recommendation and agreed that Adam was the perfect attorney for their case. I will surely continue to work with him in the years to come.

Yifat Hassid

Air Personality/KLOS-FM Los Angeles
I could write acres of superlatives about Bill–about how his expertise is peerless, how his clients love him and how his goals are met because he knows the law better than anyone I’ve seen. But I can sum it up by saying quite simply that Bill is THE BEST at what he does–period.

Gary was William “Bill”‘s client

Gary Moore

Senior Vice President
I would only trust Bill with handling anything related to family law again. Anytime that a family or friend are going through something as difficult as a divorce he is the first person I bring up. I feel as though he is fair and constantly has everyone’s best interest in mind. He is very professional and available to his clients.

Tina was William “Bill”‘s client

Tina Alvarez

Several years ago, I went through a divorce. After failing to resolve my divorce and custody case over a period of several years with 3 other attorneys, I hired Hermes and Glavin to resolve my divorce case. Adam was assigned to handle the litigation. Adam took the time to learn my file and resolve issue after issue until I had a complete resolution to my divorce and custody case. He was patient and personable and brought a sense of humor to an otherwise uncomfortable situation which helped me feel as comfortable as possible. He was available when I needed him and knowledgeable about all aspects of divorce and child custody. I recently read on the firm’s website that Adam was nominated as a rising star in the field of family law. I would agree wholeheartedly that he is a star in his field!

Jennifer Swain

Sr. General Manager with Sodexo / Captain at Flytime Flyfishing Guide Service
I have used “Bill” for a custody case with amazing results as well as a divorce, both times he and his team did an amazing job. He keeps focused on the results, but also the people involved. He looks for the best outcome while letting us know we are all human.

I highly recommend Bill Glavin for anyone seeking a true professional in any family law issue.

Bill was William “Bill”‘s client

Bill Matthews

Owner of Apex Post Production and Vogl Entertainment, Inc.
I hired Bill Glavin based on his professional reputation as well as the skills and insights he exhibited during our initial consultation. Bill’s concerns for me went far beyond the legal issues I brought to him. His strategy was clearly defined and his actions and efforts always kept our goals in sight. The resolutions I achieved through working with Bill were impressive…more

Jon was William “Bill”‘s client

Jon Vogl

Director and Producer for studio and independent feature films, commercials, web projects and industrials.
Bill Glavin guided me through the most difficult time in my life with sound advice, poise and a clever mind. His greatest attributes include his deep compassion and caring for his clients combined with the protective, killer instinct of a lion. I recommend Bill to any friend in the unfortunate circumstance of divorce.

Dave was William “Bill”‘s client

Dave Fraunces

Proven Enterprise Software Sales/Partner Management Professional
Hiring Bill proved to be integral in getting my case settled in a mutually beneficial way. He’s got the experience, knowledge, negotiating skill and charisma to get you the best deal possible. Bill will push incredibly hard for you and yet is strong enough to back you off as a client when you’re wrong. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my key colleagues or friends.

Tim was William “Bill”‘s client

Tim Barone

owner at Stitch Window Wear
It took a few tries to find an attorney that I felt confident with and was producing results. I highly recommend Bill for family law. He truly gets the job done and with positive results!

Nancy was William “Bill”‘s client

Nancy Nelson

Owner, Bob Stevens Photography
A Pit Bull with a heart and a smile. That’s Bill Glavin. I hired him as my attorney in a difficult and emotional divorce. I was exiting a 20 year marriage and there were many entanglements with personal and business matters between my ex and myself. Bill was able to help me navigate this delicate transition, being aggressive when he needed to be and compassionate when…more

Bob was William “Bill”‘s client

Bob Stevens

President at The ALFA Corp
I am pleased to endorse and recommend Bill Glavin as an exceptional Project Leader. I had the pleasure of working with him when he was the Chair for the Manhattan Beach Annual Mayor’s & Manhattan Beach Chamber of Commerce Golf Tournament. This was one of the most attended events in the history of MB and substantial money was raised for scholarships. Bill is a thorough…more<./p>

Deirdre was with another company when working with William “Bill” at Law Offices of William P. Glavin, APC

Deirdre Murray

Distressed Assets Advisory Services and Acquisitions
Bill’s mastery not only of the applicable law but of the strategies and tactics for its aplication made a big diference for me.

Carlos was William “Bill”‘s client

Carlos Vigon

CFO/COO at Greenbelt Capital Management
I’ve known Bill for about 7 years. His skill set and knowledge in his field is excellent. The services he provided made a tough situation go relatively smoothly, demonstrating particular open mindedness and creativity towards unique terms and conditions.

Kent was William “Bill”‘s client

Kent Galli, CPA (Inactive)

Eviction Attorney at Dennis P. Block & Associates
Whenever I need to provide a recommendation to my clients or friend for a family law attorney who is a real “tiger”. in the top 2% of attorneys, Bill is #1 on my list.

Paul was with another company when working with William “Bill” at Law Offices of William P. Glavin, APC

Paul Gold

Office of Law Enforcement TSA/Dept. of Homeland Security
Bill did a great job with my case. Not only does he know the law well, he knows many lawyers in the area making the settlement in my case go extremely well for me along with a fast disposition. Mark W.

Mark was William “Bill”‘s client

Mark Wilson

Political Consultant (self-employed)
I’ve known Bill Glavin since 1985. He is not only an excellent attorney who always puts the interests of his clients first, but he is one of the smartest men I’ve ever known. That’s why I picked Bill Glavin to be my campaign manager for my first city council campaign back in 1994. He always gives each client 100%+ of his abilities … which is why he’s such an effective…more

Thomas was with another company when working with William “Bill” at Law Offices of William P. Glavin, APC

Thomas Hasse

Designer/owner at Rose in Bloom Garden design
Bill has been our family law attorney for many years and we have highly recommended him to friends and colleagues in need of services he provides. He is very thorough, diligent, and very creative. Being grandparents and having family problems can be a real challenge, and with grandparents rights, or lack of, he pushed through with great results for us. When you need them.

Linda was William “Bill”‘s client

Linda Levine

Media Technology Consultant
Bill was not only recommended to me by other clients of his, but he is truly considered “the best” by many other attorneys throughout Los Angeles and is at the top of the list at the Bar Association.
I came to him at a very difficult time in my life (divorce) and he not only guided me through the process and made me feel secure and protected, he showed great concern for…more

Paul was William “Bill”‘s client

Paul Allen

Physician at Kaiser Permanente
Best dIvorce attorney ever…

Darlena was William “Bill”‘s client

Darlena Monet, MD FACEP

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