It is not uncommon for unmarried persons to have children in our society, and the issues regarding child custody and support are no different in those cases than they are for people going through a divorce. Parents may not always agree on what is appropriate in terms of raising their child, and frequently disputes arise over child support as well. In some cases, one parent may not inform the other parent of the pregnancy or birth of the child. In other cases, the child may be born but the father does not know that this is his child, or the mother is unsure who the father is. In these situations, the use of a skilled lawyer to sort out the situation is essential. The decisions that are made regarding the rights of parents and their children in the early stages of a child’s life can have long-term consequences for the remainder of that child’s life. Law Offices of William P. Glavin has experience in the handling of paternity matters and can render valuable assistance if you find yourself in such a situation.